Road Trip-Day 6 (Part 2)

For those of you who love chocolate, Times Square is practically heaven. Not only was there a M&M’s World, but there’s also a Hershey’s Store. If that’s not enough, on our way to Times Square we also passed by (and stopped in) a Lindt store and then a Godiva store right across the street.

MMs World     Hershey's

I thought it was crazy when I saw the wall of M&M’s at the It’s Sugar store in Myrtle Beach, but the M&M’s World in Times Square is whole other story. There are 3 floors in the M&M’s World, each with their own wall of M&M’s dispensers filled to the top with every color and mix of M&M’s you could ever think of. We happened to be there around Star Wars Day, so there were even mixes of M&M’s designed after each main character in the movies. You can also find loads of all manner of M&M’s themed merchandise, more than anyone could possibly need.


Before we went to Times Square, however, we did some exploring in Central Park. The main goal was to find the Alice in Wonderland statue, inspired by one of my favorite books. Due to some misleading directions I found online, we basically wandered around half the park trying to find it. Children seems especially keen on trying to climb on the statue, so it took a little bit of time waiting before we could get a picture. There are so many other things to see and do in Central Park as well, but we were really short on time.

Alice in Wonderland

I also enjoyed reading some quotes for the book that surround the statue on the ground.

Alice in Wonderland Quote 5

For the most part, after spending at least an hour in M&M’s World, we just walked around Times Square. We looked around a few of shops, but mostly just people watched.

Time Square

There is one thing though that I should warn you about. You’ll see people dressed up like all kinds of characters, such as Woody, Mario, Hello Kitty, and just about any superhero. They might come up to you and start talking, and ultimately they’re trying to get you to take a picture with them. If you do want a picture with them, just keep in mind that they usually expect some money. I saw several of them wearing a small bag that said “Tips.”


Overall, Times Square is a great place to walk around or just sit, relax and watch people go by. Just make sure to stay aware of what’s going on around you. I almost forgot to mention that you might see these “living statues” sitting in Times Square. If you give them money they’ll start to move. It’s quite hilarious sometimes to watch other people do this because many aren’t expecting them to move. A couple of people screamed and jumped away.

Living Statues

Tips for Visiting NYC:

  1. The easiest way to get around is the subway. It costs $3 for a one way ticket. You can also get a re-loadable card.
  2. Try to look like a local. Don’t walk around with a map in front of your face. That’s a dead giveaway and people will try to get you to take their tour or visit an attraction.
  3. Don’t eat anywhere near Time Square. You’re likely to pay more and there’s much better food elsewhere.
  4. Don’t try to cram too much into one day. One of the best ways to see the city is to just walk around.

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