Road Trip-Day 4


On the fourth day of our road trip we spent the entire day walking around Philadelphia. We basically made a triangle out of our path: starting at the University of Pennsylvania. then to the Museum of Art to the north, back down to Independence Hall, and then back to the university (where our hotel was). One of the people in our group really wanted to see the Rocky statue and run up the stairs to the museum, like in the movie. When we got to the art museum, there was a MS Zumba event wrapping up. Conveniently, they started playing “Eye of the Tiger” for their participants to run up the stairs as well. So of course we just joined right along.

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And of course, no trip to Philadelphia would be complete without a trip to Independence Hall to see the Liberty Bell.

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One thing that I liked about Philadelphia is throughout part of the city along one of the main roads was displayed all the flags from around the world.

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